Woodbury University
Southeast University Nanjing/Woodbury University
Joint Studio 2011
Instructors: Nick Roberts, Marcel Sanchez, SHI Yonoggao, WANG Haining, and ZHANG Tong



Panorama of the Yellow Mountain  (photo by Qiu Weijie)

Map, the Yellow Mountain Villages in relation to Shanghai and Nanjing

Map showing HongCun, colored red,  and five Yellow Mountain Villages

Students touring the site

Students crossing a ford while  touring the site

Abandoned Ming Dynasty houses in  GuoCun

Students at the Ancestors’ Shrine,  HongCun

Moon Fen, the central pool for  washing, HongCun

A woman washing fish in the river channel, Hongcun

Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain  

Basket weaving from bamboo strips, one technology students studied

Mold for handmade bricks, one technology students studied

Hand-made tiles,  another technology students studied